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Making the Most of Your Visit to Mexico's Playa del Carmen

19 Aug 2022 By travelpulse

Making the Most of Your Visit to Mexico's Playa del Carmen

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Playa del Carmen is recognized as one of the best tropical destinations for families. Not only is it a favorite place among couples, friends, and groups, but it's also the perfect summer escape to explore and find things to do with kids.

Located in the state of Quintana Roo, this coastal resort town in Mexico sits along the Yucatán Peninsula's Riviera Maya strip of Caribbean shoreline.

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It's recognized for its palm-lined beaches and coral reefs. Its Quinta Avenida pedestrian thoroughfare runs parallel to the coast, with blocks of shops, restaurants, and nightlife venues ranging from laid-back bars to dance clubs.

Playa del Carmen has murals full of color and life, restaurants serving exquisite dishes, and the best music beats. This destination also awaits visitors with elegant and spectacular hotels.

Summer is more than a season. It is a state of mind. The sun, the waves, and a cold drink in hand are a well-deserved reward that erases hardships and difficulties. To reset life, in addition to summer and the sea, you must choose the right destination. Playa del Carmen is one of the most beautiful destinations where life bustles.

While you pack your bags and book your plane tickets, feel the sun on your skin with the unmistakable salty scent of the sea in the background. Get ready to take full advantage of the destination with these incredible plans to tattoo Playa del Carmen in your memories.

Once you arrive, look for the nearest bike shop. This vehicle will be the ideal way to get to know the streets. Several artistic surprises are waiting for you. The north of Playa del Carmen is full of street art. These coastal murals were conceived and created by local artists. However, there are also gems by renowned muralists who have contributed to developing colorful streets that will be the perfect postcard to stand out on your Instagram.

Let the turquoise blue waters of Playa del Carmen invade your pupils and engrave themselves in your mind. It is said that the waters of Playa del Carmen are among the world's most beautiful. Grab your camera and a book, and put together your playlist to relax and enjoy the heat. The must-see beaches are Playa Paamul, Playa Paraiso, Playa Tukan and Playa Mamitas.

To intoxicate your senses, the block-long infinity pool at the Alessia Day Club is the place to be. It's located on the Thompson Hotel Playa del Carmen rooftop and combines the best to spend a delicious day. In addition to the best food and the beats that echo in every corner, you can't miss the mango margaritas and the shrimp tacos al pastor. Be the star of your party and relax on an elevated couch or a sunken lounger when you're tired of dancing, all while enjoying the best views of the Riviera Maya.

You can't leave Thompson Playa del Carmen without treating your palate to a culinary feast fit for kings. Cinco is a restaurant famous for its unrepeatable beach-flavored breakfasts and renowned brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, which takes away pain and discomfort.

At the Beach House, the other option at the Thompson Playa del Carmen, the endless ocean views are enchanting and create a hideaway surrounded by palm trees. And if you want to eat like the gods, the option is C-Grill. This restaurant is a worthy representative of Riviera Maya cuisine. Here you can taste the flavors of the Yucatan with a casual and luxurious atmosphere by the pool and endless sea views.

To close the day, we recommend a spectacular dinner. The option is the Alessia pop-up, with its concept of contemporary Asian fusion. You will enjoy cocktails and dinner with a nightly mix from the live DJ. Dinner is accompanied by 360-degree views from the rooftop terrace, where the moon and stars will enhance your night and your trip.

This drink with a direct line to the Aztec sky has become a modern favorite for Mexicans and foreigners. At Thompson Playa del Carmen, mezcal is the jewel in the crown. And it is around this distillate that there are various activities, such as the mixology class in which attendees prepare concoctions.

Make your itinerary, leave your worries behind and delve into one of the best destinations in Mexico. Thompson Playa del Carmen will be your home and corner, free from the world of routines. Don't wait any longer and live the summer in one of the best hotels in the heart of the Riviera Maya.

Visitors in Playa del Carmen also have the option of excursions to:

-Xcaret: Nature's Sacred Paradise! This eco-archaeological park is designed to keep visitors busy all day.

-Tulum-Xel-Ha: An experience that includes snorkeling pristine waters full of tropical fish and exploring caves and cenotes, and the natural wonders of the world that were sacred to ancient Mayans.

-Chichen-Itza: Located in Yucatan, near Cancun, the archaeological site is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is the world-famous pyramid and ancient path to the Sacred Well and mystical cenotes.

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